My name is Alex Ewerlöf

pronounced /ea/ (like "ear") /ver/ (like "version") /love/ (well that's close enough)!


Since 1999 I have been designing, prototyping, coding, deploying, monitoring, and improving software. I have worked with microcontrollers, mobile apps (before iOS was a thing), desktop apps, web apps, backend apps, serverless apps, cloud native apps, edge computing…


So far, I have experienced various industries: mobility, video streaming, digital news, healthcare information systems, e-banking, online retail, telecom, R&D, insurance, robotics, networking…


I wore different hats: Sr Staff Engineer, Site Reliability Staff Engineer, Tech lead, Backend developer, Technical Product Manager, Frontend developer, Backend developer, UX engineer, researcher, UI designer, scientific researcher, startup co-founder and that-dude-who-asks-too-many-questions!

That last one is my favorite title. And if I may say so myself: the most accurate one.


I hold a BSc in hardware engineering and a MSc in Systems Engineering from the Royal Institute of Technology, one of Sweden's top technical universities.

But a degree does not mean much without continuous learning. I try to keep the pace of learning with the same intensity as university and believe a day without learning something new is a wasted day. I take a lot of notes and a fraction of the best ones find their way to the public.


My exposure to a wide set of industries and experience with different roles puts me in a unique position to see patterns and cross-pollinate across industries.

These days I spend most of my time time unblocking other engineers, mentoring, knowledge sharing, developing long term strategy, introducing and improving different metrics and most importantly: asking a lot of questions to reach clarity.

My core product is perspective. Anything else (architecture, code, strategy, etc.) is just a side effect.

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